The only summit just for Page Builders!

Developers, designers, agencies, freelancers, experienced or starting out, they'll all be here... and you should be too.

Become A Sponsor of the Page Builder Summit

Page Builders are all the rage.

It's what's hot in WordPress right now

If you have your ear to the ground in the WordPress space, then you'll know that Page Builders have been gaining ground as the 'go to' way to create WordPress websites.

Their ease of use means that they are now how you expect to build websites. Not by wrangling with code. Point-drag-click-save. Everyone gets it and everyone is talking about it.

The Page Builder Summit will put our sponsors in front of this growing audience. They need the tools and services that you provide.

They may have heard of you, but need reminding... but remember that the Page Builder Summit will have lots of people new to WordPress and they will be looking out for the best and the brightest companies in the WordPress space. Companies that they can use to build their own Page Builder powered websites.

Companies like yours...?

This is where the action is. New people are coming to WordPress because of Page Builders. They are your future customers.

The summit will attract people serious about WordPress and the ecosystem of tools that surround it. They're committed.

People are attending the summit to be inspired by new ideas... to know what's new, dependable and worth investing in.

You can get your company in front of this audience by sponsoring the Page Builder Summit...

The sponsorship packages

No matter what your budget is, we've got a plan for you, and each one is tailored to get you exposure in the summit so that attendees know what you do and how you can help them in their WordPress journey.


  • Clickable logo linking back to your website
  • "Thank you" mention at the start and end of each day's presentations
  • Clickable logo on the presentation pages
  • "Thank You" mention during the live kick-off event before the summit
  • Logo + description promoted to the audience in a dedicated email before the event
  • All Access Pass Coupon Codes (for giveaways or your employees)
  • Featured sponsor for the Page Builder Summit
  • Clickable logo inside daily summit emails linking back to your website
  • Your own Sponsors page to run lead generation campaigns
  • Special Feature Webinar to educate the attendees after the event
  • Host a live panel discussion with speakers of your choice during the summit
  • 10s video ad clip during each session video (at the start and end, evenly distributed between sponsors). Videos can be targeted on session topics.

Great Summits Attract Great Speakers

Honestly, this is what people come for.

They want to be educated and inspired by the leading minds in the WordPress space.

The Page Builder Summit has great speaker after great speaker. If you know the WordPress space then look at the speakers below and you'll see what we mean. Truly, just look at that list!

Be a part of this amazing event and get yourself noticed.

CONFIRMED speakers coming soon...

Beth Livingston

Beth Livingston

How Page Builders Can Play a Role in Project Management and Productivity

The WP Project Manager's Academy

Ben Pines

Ben Pines

Elementor 3.3 and beyond


Benjamin Intal

Benjamin Intal

How to turn Gutenberg into a Page Builder with Stackable


Danielle Zarcaro

Danielle Zarcaro

Don’t Compete with Gutenberg - Embrace It

Paperback Web Dev

Dario Jazbec Hrvatin

Dario Jazbec Hrvatin

Translating Sites Created Using Page Builders


Candy Phelps

Candy Phelps

Build a 1 Day Website with a Well-Trained Team, Tools and Proven Tactics

1 Day Works

Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth

Design for non-designers: 5 steps to creating beautiful, high-converting websites

Design Academy

David Waumsley@2x

David Waumsley

Beaver Builder's Dirty Little Secrets

Beaver Junction

Jake Pfohl

Jake Pfohl

Google's Core Web Vitals - Get Green With Gutenberg

Start Blogging 101

David Blackmon

David Blackmon

How To Build an eCommerce Website With Divi

Divi Space

Lesley Sim

Lesley Sim

Creating newsletters in the Gutenberg block editor

Newsletter Glue

Dimi Baitanciuc

Dimi Baitanciuc

Membership Websites The Easy Way, with Brizy & WooCommerce


Melissa Love

Melissa Love

How To Make Money Selling WordPress Themes for Page Builders

The Design Space

Jimmy Rose

Jimmy Rose

Automating your client onboarding

Content Snare

Mike Demo@2x

Mike Demo

How to use a page builder for a launch pad website.

Web Ventures

Simon Kelly

Simon Kelly

Results without a Redesign

Renegade Empire

Michelle Frechette@2x

Michelle Frechette

Five Ways Having a Multilingual Site Will Help Grow Your Business


Pete Everitt

Pete Everitt

The ultimate web project* SEO Guide (*for page builders)

SEO Hive

Piccia Neri

Piccia Neri

Design with Typography: Solid Type Hierarchy Systems with *insert theme name* and Beaver Builder

Design for Geeks

Polly Sla

Polly Sla

How to Create a Converting Website on Elementor

Rob Stinson

Rob Stinson

New meets old: Powerful, dynamic, and uniquely designed Custom Blocks… built with PHP.

WP Engine

Jonathan Jernigan@2x (1)

Jonathan Jernigan

How Oxygen Builder Transformed My Agency

APEX Web Solutions

Shannon Mattern

Shannon Mattern

4-Part Framework for Creating Scalable Revenue with Page Builder Templates

Lee Matthew Jackson@2x

Lee Matthew Jackson

No, you're not an impostor! Grow your agency with confidence.

Agency Trailblazer


Matthew Rodela

How to Optimize Your Page Builder for WaaS

Turnkey Websites Blueprint

Sarah Masci

Sarah Masci

Create a Standout Site in One Day!

Brackenhouse Branding


Paul Lacey

Core Web Vitals friendly pages with Beaver Builder

Paul Lacey Digital

Sally Fry Scruggs@2x

Sally Fry Scruggs

Steal My Stack: Building 2-Day Websites with Astra Pro + Beaver Builder

Mike Oliver@2x

Mike Oliver

Building Lightweight Landing Pages with Blocks

Paul@2x (1)

Paul Charlton

How to Supercharge WordPress


Davinder Singh Kainth@2x

Davinder Singh Kainth

Add CSS Magic for more stylish Page Builder Layouts

The WP Weekly

Whether you come from an established WordPress brand or are just starting out with your product or service, keeping yourself in front of your audience is important.

This event is like no other. It's focussed upon WordPress Page Builders and will have an audience of beginners and more seasoned members of the community. It's a chance to show them you're around and what you do.

Exposure of your brand directly to WordPress users is hard to do. Facebook ads often target the wrong people, in person events are all on hold but you still need to get your message out there.

This summit will attract WordPress users only - period. If you have a brand that sells into this market then you need to be represented at this summit.

Look at how we can help you get your message in front of the right people.

Maybe you're...

An established brand that usually attends in-person events. Sadly, that's not possible right now, and online summits are the best way to connect with new and existing customers.

A company just starting out who needs to meet new WordPress users, just to let them know that you exist and what it is that your brand can do for them.

A brand that's driven by a desire to help out the WordPress community. This event will certainly be helping people to help themselves. You'll be in brilliant company.

The Page Builder Summit will allow to gain exposure and make connections with new customers in the space of just a few days.

Meet Your Hosts


Nathan Wrigley

Nathan has been working in the WordPress space for seven years. His podcast, WP Builds, has enabled him to connect with lots of interesting people in the WordPress community, many of whom are speaking at this summit.
He likes to enable other people to get their ideas out there, so that their plugins and themes find their audience.


Anchen le Roux

Anchen runs Simply Digital Design a boutique studio that focuses on Website and Summit Development on the Day Rate Model. She's been an avid contributor to the WordPress community for the last 5 years. Besides organising WordCamps, Speaking and contributing to Core she hosted the WP Virtual Summit last year and offers a Build Your Website Like a Pro course to those new to WordPress.


The Details


The Page Builder Summit will run from 10th - 14th May 2021 (get that date in your calendar). There will be a variety of presentations to choose from each day, and there's going to be something for everyone, no matter what level of expertise they have with WordPress.


It's all going to taking place online. You can tune into the summit from anywhere with Internet access.


As a sponsor you'll have a chance to get your message out throughout the event. Clickable logos, mentions in the presetations, menitons in our emails, video ads in the presentations and more. You can have all of this as a Page Builder Summit sponsor.

Party it up...!

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and working together to share Page Builder ideas, tips and tricks once it kicks off. Don't underestimate this... the speakers are all great, but the speakers AND the community are even better!

Not your average online summit

There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

First, this summit was created specifically for users of WordPress Page Builder. This isn't general advice for any WordPress user out there. Every single presentation is focussed upon some aspect of building WordPress websites with a Page Builder.

Your brand can be a part of this unique experience in an area of website building that is experiencing enormous growth.

  • It's all about Page Builders, nothing else!
  • See what other Page Builders can do
  • Learn new skills from industry experts
  • Join in the conversation with plugin founders and developers
  • Meet like minded professionals and share your expertise whilst learning from others
  • Get your brand in front of a growing audience, many of them new to the WordPress space

What's in it for you?

Get your brand out there

You need to keep your brand front of mind, and this focussed event will enable that.

Meet new WordPressers

This space is full of new people. They'll need the products and services that you provide.

Explain your offering

Build relationships with people. Make them aware of what you do and how you can help them.

Sponsor the Page Builder Summit!

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