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There’s so much great content in this Summit, so much that we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by it all! The last thing that you want is to feel you need to cram in all the content into one week! PLUS get $2577+ worth of bonuses

So what is the Page Builder Summit PowerPack?

With a jam-packed programme of more than 35+ speakers in 5 days full of presentations, discussions and handouts,  there’s going to be a fantastic goldmine of content heading your way between the 18th-22nd September 2023!

To get the most of what’s coming your way, without information overload while you're trying to cram in pertinent points, we’ve put together an All-Access Page Builder PowerPack which enables you to:

  • Re-watch Presentations
  • Access to Transcripts from sessions
  • Access to Worksheets and mp3 Recordings
  • Access to Page Builder PowerPack networking sessions
  • Enjoy Exclusive Bonus Offers from Speakers worth over $2577

Give yourself the space to enjoy the summit and meet new people, knowing you have the opportunity to go back and explore all the summit material at your own pace.

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With the Page Builder Summit PowerPack you get life-time access to

  • All of the Presentations so that you can go back and watch any video at any time - perfect for letting you add these new strategies when the time is right, rather than trying to do it all during the summit
  • All of the mp3 Recordings, Transcripts and Worksheets for each of the presentations
  • Page Builder PowerPack networking sessions - to meet other WordPressers and share your experience
  • Bonus materials from the speakers valued at $2577

Premium Bonuses Include


The Lead Magnet Funnel Swipe Kit
Melissa Love

Ready to build your list using a freebie or lead magnet? Our swipe kit has everything you need to create, build & launch your funnel in record time.

Includes training video, lead magnet workbook, Kadence or Divi marketing layouts and email funnel swipe files.
It's time to start generating leads and turn them into raving fans.

Regular Price: $195

product feat breakdance for agencies

Breakdance for Professional Agency Work Course
PK Son

This course is designed for freelancers and agencies, emphasizing the crucial distinction between DIYers and agencies in web development. While DIYers may compromise on design and functionality, agencies adhere to client-approved design proofs. The course highlights the need for additional tweaks to align with the proof and introduces Breakdance, a user-friendly yet advanced page builder for a smoother website-building experience. If you've faced issues with sluggish site building, optimization, or client handover anxiety using page builders of yore, this course could be perfect for you.

Regular Price: $74.47


Bertha AI
Andrew Palmer

3 Months free Bertha AI usage, WordPress Plugin and Chrome Extensions.

Regular Price: $60


Content Frameworks for SEO
Lindsay Halsey

Ensure your client's web pages are SEO-friendly with the help of our content frameworks for SEO. This collection of 12 frameworks creates a quick visual checklist to ensure each page type includes the critical elements needed to be comprehensive, user-friendly, and SEO-ready.

Regular Price: $99

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Guide to Getting Web Design Clients (3 Part Workshop)
Josh Hall

Included in this workshop is an on-demand 3 part video training series.

Part 1 – WHERE to get web design clients
Part 2 – HOW to get web design clients
Part 3 – How to get GREAT web design clients and KEEP them coming back

Each video contains a full 50 min training and since it was recorded live, each are followed up by a value-packed Q&A session with Josh. Loaded with live questions and additional help with getting clients. The PDF slides are also included for each part of the workshop.

Regular Price: $97


Cut the Crappy Clients Pack
Haley Brown

Delayed payments, ignored questions, and your unsuccessful efforts to live up to their unrealistic expectations – yep, you’ve got yourself a client from hell.
Sadly, they don’t have horns or tails or a faint scent of brimstone – so it’s tough to know if you’re already making a deal with the devil.

Keep undesirable clients away from your creative awesomeness with my Cut the Crappy Clients bundle

Everything you need to make sure horrible clients don’t slip through the cracks of your screening process and mess with your life.

Regular Price: $199


VIP Day Social Promo Kit
Sarah Masci

Level up your social media with these customizable graphics! Includes 25 customizable VIP DAY GRAPHIC TEMPLATES + 20 VIP DAY CAPTIONS for IG feed and IG stories!

Regular Price: $17


Step-by-step tutorial for setting up your showcase page.
Britta Just

Drive traffic from your socials to your website and show off your expertise!

In this step-by-step tutorial, I'll show you how to set up your own awesome showcase page with Elementor. No matter if you want to set it up for yourself or offer it as a paid service to your clients.

The best: Once it's set up, your clients can confidently add more content without messing up the design.

Regular Price: $129


Grow Your Freelance Web Design Business Course
Candy Phelps

Are you ready to scale your solo freelance web design business by getting better paying clients, hiring your first staff or using subcontractors to help with the workload?

Growing a business on your own is tough. But you don’t have to learn everything the hard way! Take our self-guided course on growing your freelance web design business to cut through the learning curve!

Regular Price: $197

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Pricing Mindset Makeover: Shifts + Scripts for Raising Your Prices
Shannon Mattern

Get sold on the value you bring to your clients, redefine your beliefs about how much you can charge and confidently raise your prices.

Regular Price: $197


Webpage Presentation Template for Elementor
Rachel Winchester

Receive a free Elementor template to use for your webpage presentation. Upload it to your WordPress Elementor Pro website. It includes all the necessary navigation, interaction Elementor, layout settings, and other important details that could take your forever to do on your own. It's ready for you to upload your presentation content and inherit your website's theme Build your custom webpage presentations faster by starting with this template.

Regular Price: $120


Website Pricing & Packaging Mini Course
Emma Kate

Create your drool-worthy value-packed website packages priced to earn you some pretty pennies. What to include, how to price them and what to say to make ’em irresistible… it’s all in this eCourse baby!


• 5x step-by-step instructional videos
• An extensive list of what to include in your website packages
• Example website packages
• Learn about Features vs Benefits vs Outcomes
• Website Packages Pricing Guide
• Plug & play Website Pricing Calculator (and custom quoting calculator) you can use again and again
• Lesson on how to calculate your hourly rate
• Divi pricing tables layout template

Regular Price: $99


PS. Write Soon! - Follow Up With Your Past Clients
Erin Flynn

PS. Write Soon is a self-lead process that creates a plan to end the hustle, fill up your dry months, and give you better word of mouth by tapping into your past clients. Includes copy+paste templates so you don't have to wonder what to say!

Regular Price: $97


Diversifying your income Masterclasss
Chantal Edouard-Betsy

Templates, Care Plans, Affiliate Comms, let’s talk ALL THE THINGS! The things I wish I had started from day one in my Web Design Business along with practical advise about how to implement this in your business, including detailed instructions on how to sell WordPress templates.

Regular Price: $57

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1 Month Off Any GREYD.SUITE Subscription License
Jakob Trost

With our subscription licenses you can create 1 to unlimited websites per month incl. individual onboarding and premium support. Power Pack owners will receive the first month for free.

Regular Price: $69


Website and digital sustainability checklist
Louise Towler

Download our checklist to help you design and develop your website to reduce your carbon footprint.

Regular Price: $99


Free Simply Static Pro License (1 year, 1 website)
Patrick Posner

The customers will get a one-year free license to Simply Static Pro.

Simply Static Pro is a premium addon to the free Simply Static plugin and enhances its feature set automatic deployment, an integration for search and forms, support for multilingual websites, and much more.

Regular Price: from $99


Conversion Rx - The Prescription Pad
Lydia Kitts

The Prescription Pad is your essential companion to the workshop: "Conversion Rx: How to diagnose {and cure} client websites," acting as a tangible tool to put theory into practice. Whether it's navigating through a content maze, design flaws, or tricky user paths, this guide offers solutions - ensuring you can start building a strategy to transform websites into sites that sell.

Regular Price:  $47

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Free 1 month All Access Pass to Club Pootle
Jamie Marsland

Club Pootle contains full length access to my Block Theme Course, SEO for Beginners course, Learn WordPress course, and Gutenberg for Beginners course. In addition there are exclusive members benefits, including discounts on my personal training programs.

Regular Price: $97

sell your service with micro sessions

Sell Your Service with Micro Info Sessions
Anchen le Roux

Tired of not having an evergreen funnel or feeling that your funnel doesn't really work to book out services?
A Micro Info Session is an on demand pre-recorded presentation or mini webinar specifically for service providers to help your potential client learn more about your service.

This Course will teach you how to help your leads

    • get a better idea of how your services can help them 
    • how your framework or processes work and 
    • what their next step is to work with you…

without having to rely on referrals or word of mouth

Regular Price: $197

30 day summit site bootcamp

30 Day Summit Site Bootcamp
Anchen le Roux

The 30 Day Summit Site Bootcamp is a full course on how to create your summit website on WordPress. This step by step 30 day roadmap will take you through the whole process day by day.

Regular Price: $97

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Every Single Email Template You Need For Your Onboarding Process
Laura Elizabeth

Reusable email templates are one of the easiest and most effective ways to upgrade your onboarding. Not only can sending timely, targeted, and useful emails help win you more clients, but they can also provide various touchpoints to improve your business with customer research and make those awkward conversations (I'm looking at you, scope creep!) a little easier. In this pack, you will get every single battle-tested email that you can customize for your own business to get you set up with a fantastic onboarding process.

Regular Price: $59

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Maxi Blocks Pro Template Library - Free Yearly Subscription 1 User
Christiaan Pieterse

Streamline your web design process with Maxi Blocks, featuring fast-styling templates for quick customization and a Pro library that brings advanced designs to your fingertips. Updated weekly - it contains over 944 pre-made patterns for hero's, testimonials, teams and so much more.

Regular Price: $49/year

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3 month free access to
Afshana Diya

Templately is a popular WordPress plugin that helps users create and manage pre-designed website templates. Templately offers an extensive collection of templates for various purposes such as blogs, business websites, eCommerce websites, portfolios, and more. These templates can be easily customized to match the user's specific needs. Besides, Templately works as SaaS (Software as a Service) product that provides a cloud-based service for creating and managing WordPress templates. That means the users can access Templately from any device with an internet connection and a web browser, without downloading or installing any software.

Regular Price: $30

badbranding worksheet mockup

3 Signs of Bad Branding and Free Branding Worksheet
Ari Krzyzek

Is your current branding costing you sales on your website? Before you invest in a rebrand though, you should consider whether it's completely necessary for your business' current goals. At its worst, ineffective branding isn't just forgettable, it can damage your reputation and sales for the long term. In contrast, successful branding online and offline makes marketing decisions easier and your message more compelling.

Regular Price: $250

Total Value Of  All Of the Bonuses Combined is $2497+

But you can get it all for $147 $97 for the next 30 minutes

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The starting value of the Page Builder Summit PowerPack is $997 and that’s before adding additional downloads, bonus material and networking sessions worth $2206

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With the Page Builder Summit PowerPack you get life-time access to

  • All of the Presentations so that you can go back and watch any video at any time - perfect for letting you add these new strategies when the time is right, rather than trying to do it all during the summit
  • All of the mp3 Recordings, Transcripts and Worksheets for each of the presentations
  • Page Builder PowerPack networking sessions - to meet other WordPressers and share your experience
  • Bonus materials from the speakers valued at $2497

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